3 Ways a DIY Solar Energy System Can Save You Money Posted on 13 Jun 09:00

Saving Money Solar Energy

Using a DIY solar energy system to power your home is great for several reasons, but let’s be honest — most solar adopters are primarily motivated by the potential cost savings.

Let’s take a look at exactly how a DIY system can keep more cash in your pocket.

You Pay Less for a DIY Solar Energy System — Much Less!

When you go the do-it-yourself route, you pay for the components of your photovoltaic system, including the solar panels, inverter and mounting hardware. And that’s it.

By doing the installation yourself, you won’t have to pay labor costs, and that can provide you with incredible savings.

A professionally installed photovoltaic array can cost anywhere from $3/watt to $7/watt. Depending upon your location and system requirements, DIY solar can cut those costs by up to 50 percent.

If you want to find out exactly how much you can save with do-it-yourself solar energy, get two or three solar estimates from local photovoltaic installers and compare those to the cost of a DIY system.

You Pay Less for Electricity with a DIY Solar Energy System

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly residential electric bill is over $110. Armed with that knowledge, it’s easy to figure out how much you’ll save each month.

Let’s say your solar array will provide 50 percent of your home’s electricity.

You’ll only have to pay the utility company for half as much electricity each month. So, instead of being billed for $110, you’ll only be billed for $55. Over the course of a year, your savings will be $660.

In many parts of the United States, the average bill is much higher. This means your savings may accumulate more quickly, depending on where you live. And, if you size your solar array to provide a higher percentage of your monthly power, you can eliminate your power bill completely.

You Get Energy Cost Stability with a DIY Solar Energy System

Saving $660 per year sounds great, but what’s even better is that your yearly savings will actually increase over time. When you produce your own energy with a DIY system, you are locking in your price for energy costs.

Data from the EIA shows that residential electricity prices are on the rise, increasing at an average of 3.2 percent in 2014. Rising natural gas prices are likely to drive these price increases even higher. The utility companies can and probably will charge more for electricity.

You’ll have energy cost stability, though, as your DIY solar array still will provide you with significant savings every month. And if your utility company offers net metering, you can actually make money on all the excess power you produce.

As you can see, adopting solar is an outstanding way to save big money. Solar GOODs, your DIY solar energy superstore, has everything you need to design your DIY solar kit.

If you’re ready to start saving money, visit us online and order your DIY solar energy system today.