3 Ways to Make DIY Solar Energy More Affordable Posted on 19 Oct 07:30

Choosing a DIY solar energy system is significantly less expensive than paying a professional photovoltaic contractor to do the design and installation work for you.

Even with the do-it-yourself discount, however, the price can still seem out of reach for some homeowners.

Are you concerned about budgeting for a DIY photovoltaic system? Use our top tips to bring down the cost and make the investment in solar energy much more affordable.

Invest in Efficiency Before Switching to DIY Solar Energy

The smaller the DIY photovoltaic system you need to power your home, the less it will cost. And if you make your home more efficient, you’ll be able to install a smaller system.

What can you do to boost your home’s energy efficiency? Start by checking out the Home Energy Saver (HES) tool from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Enter your ZIP code and details about your household, and you’ll get a personalized report suggesting upgrades.

According to the HES, investing in energy-saving upgrades can save you 20 percent or more on electricity bills. With the lower rate of household energy consumption, you won’t need to buy as many solar panels to create a photovoltaic array capable of providing enough power for your home.

Claim the Federal Solar Tax Credit and Other Incentives

Save even more on the cost of your DIY photovoltaic system by taking advantage of the many financial incentives available for going solar.

The federal solar tax credit offers you 30 percent back on system installation. State and local grants, rebates and tax credits can also significantly lower your costs. Many homeowners are able to cut their expenses by 50 percent or more, thanks to these lucrative incentives.

Where do you find more information about solar incentives? Head to the DSIRE website, the U.S. Department of Energy’s Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency. Plug in your ZIP code to see a detailed list of the financial incentives available for homeowners in your area.

Finance Your DIY Solar Energy System

Don’t worry if you don’t have enough cash in the bank to buy your DIY solar power system outright, because you have other options.

Solar GOODs accepts all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. We also offer affordable financing options for your convenience.

Visit our DIY solar payment options page for more information.

The easy-to-use Solar GOODs website has a variety of tools and information to help you design an affordable photovoltaic array that will satisfy all of your household electricity needs. Visit our online superstore today to learn more, and to get started with planning your DIY solar energy system.