Make DIY Solar a Part of Your Emergency Preparedness Strategy Posted on 5 Nov 11:10

DIY Solar

Have you thought about making DIY solar a part of your emergency preparedness plans and energy independence strategies? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

A natural disaster or catastrophic event can happen at any time, but you can help ensure the safety of your property and loved ones throughout any crisis with an off-grid photovoltaic solar system. By harnessing the power of the sun, you’ll be prepared to meet the health and safety needs of your family. Electricity, clean water, hot food — you can have it all with Solar GOODs, and you can save money by doing it yourself!

Design Your Own Photovoltaic System

With your own source of renewable energy, you can be ready whenever a power grid failure occurs. And no longer will you be at the mercy of the utility company, because a DIY PV panel system can provide enough electricity for your entire household, day after day. You can design your own DIY photovoltaic system that fully meets your energy needs.

The revolutionary Solar GOODs solar energy calculator helps you quickly and easily determine the size of the photovoltaic array and the number of panels you need to meet your energy needs. We offer a variety of photovoltaic panel sizes and types, along with all necessary system components, including inverters and mounting kits.

Prepare with Mobile Solar Solutions

If a disaster or emergency situation forces your family to relocate, you’ll need ways to make sure that your power needs are met en route to your destination. Solar GOODs offers a variety of Goal Zero solar kits and portable power options, as well as mobile solar panels and accessories. These convenient mobile solutions also make your weekend camping trip or visit to the mountain cabin a safer and more convenient outing.

Are your mobile power needs greater than the norm? Our trailer-based mobile solar units make it easy to head for the hills when you’re on your own. These ready-to-roll trailers range from compact to massive and include every size in between.

Keep Your Family Safe

When a disastrous natural event or civil crisis occurs, your first priorities are to keep your family safe and protect your property. Whether you plan to ride out a storm in your own home or head to a designated secondary location, DIY solar projects can handle your power needs for a fraction of the cost of a standard professional installation.

At home, on the road, or at your cabin, Solar GOODs has exactly what you need to design, build and install your own system. Portable photovoltaic panel systems, generators and backup battery storage are all important parts of keeping a reliable flow of power, and our products will help you keep your family safe and out of the dark.

Solar GOODs is your DIY superstore for energy independence. If you would like to learn more about the inexpensive and efficient do-it-yourself approach, visit our company store to learn more. Spend some time with our proprietary system design and solar energy calculator, and discover just how affordable it can be to add solar to any location.

And don’t forget to check back here often for more helpful hints and tips on how solar power can help you become energy independent and save you big money. Call or message us today for even more GOOD advice and suggestions to help get you started on your own DIY solar project.