Are DIY Solar Kits a Realistic Option? Posted on 18 Nov 10:06

DIY Solar Kit

A DIY solar kit provides a more affordable way to adopt photovoltaic technology and achieve energy independence. If you want an inexpensive, renewable energy source but you hate the thought of spending money on installation, this method might be for you.

Many people question whether DIY solar panel kits can provide the same energy output as custom installations. Can you really harness enough of the sun’s energy to meet your household’s electrical needs with a DIY kit?

Well, whatever the answer may have been in the past, the answer today is an unqualified yes, but only if you have a complete, customized kit and the voice of experience to guide you.

And that’s exactly what you’ll find when you purchase your components from Solar GOODs, your DIY solar superstore.

Planning Your Photovoltaic System Size

With any photovoltaic panel system, the size and number of arrays will help determine whether the system can supply all the electricity you need. The exclusive Solar GOODs system design tool carefully calculates the required size of your system to ensure accuracy.

Using information that includes your location, your annual power requirements and the direction and tilt of your roof, our system provides you with the exact quantities and capacities you’ll need. Once you determine the number of PV panels you need, you’ll be able to select the rest of your system’s components, including inverters and mounting hardware.

So you see, it’s not really a kit at all. Rather, you have the ability to choose only those components you need and want. Even better, we ship everything directly to you, ready to install.

Placing Your Solar Array

In determining your photovoltaic system’s configuration, it’s important to consider the specific placement of the panels. The ideal orientation is due south, with an angle of tilt roughly equal to the local latitude.

Unfortunately, not every rooftop is positioned so perfectly. Calculating the pitch of your roof and using a solar map to understand the peak sunlight in your area can be helpful in designing your do-it-yourself system. If you suspect that your location may affect the system’s capacity, consider purchasing a larger array to compensate for the sunlight conditions.

Installing DIY Solar Systems Unlike some DIY solar kits, your systems from Solar GOODs will include all of the necessary mounting components, including rails, clamps and attachments. All you need to do is grab a few friends and get started.

Naturally, you must always take appropriate safety precautions and exercise extreme care when working with the fragile photovoltaic panels; however, you will be delighted with how quickly and easily you’ll have your system up and running.

For questions and advice regarding installation, you can always schedule a phone consultation with our experts, to ensure you’re moving in the right direction.

Would you like to learn more about do-it-yourself solar systems? Explore all of your options and design your system with our exclusive DIY solar energy calculator. Check us out today for the perfect alternative to the old, impractical DIY solar kits.