Mobile Solar Panels Ensure Power Anywhere Posted on 19 Nov 16:08

No matter where you are headed, mobile solar panels can provide you with a reliable source of electricity. You won’t find electrical outlets on the road or at remote locations off the grid, but portable photovoltaic panels can ensure that you have power anywhere you happen to be.

What Are Mobile Photovoltaic Panels?

Like rooftop photovoltaic systems, mobile panels are designed to capture the sun’s energy and convert it to usable electricity.

Created from solar cells, these modules can provide anywhere from seven to 300 watts of electrical output. They are lightweight and portable, and some larger models are foldable to allow for easier transport. They also can be linked together to maximize energy collection and reduce recharging time.

Portable solar panels are often used outdoors and are generally weather-resistant, but they can be used inside too, as long as they are placed at windows that are not tinted and do not have UV filters. Alone, these modules only produce power; for them to hold a charge, a portable recharger is required.

Using Portable Solar Panels

Mobile solar panels can be useful in lots of ways.

Smaller panels can keep power running to a cell phone, smartphone, MP3 player, GPS, and some critical medical devices. They also can charge most USB and 12-volt electronic devices. Portable panels with higher wattage can power tablets and laptop computers.

When several modules are linked together, more devices can be charged at once, or you can power larger electronics. These photovoltaic panels can also supply electricity to a portable generator. This collected energy can then be available as needed, as a backup power source or to support any off-grid activities.

Reliable Power Anywhere

The sun’s energy is free and readily available everywhere. Mobile solar panels allow you to take advantage of this power source at any location. Whether you are camping in the wilderness, hiking up a mountain, sailing off the coast or traveling anywhere else off the grid, portable photovoltaic panels can supply your energy needs.

These modules are also useful in everyday life, as they can keep your devices charged while you are on the road. Mobile power can be useful for those who travel for work as well as those on outdoor adventures.

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