Survival Strategies for Power Grid Failures Posted on 20 Nov 10:45

Power grid failures often mean only minutes or hours without electricity, but this probably won’t always be the case.

If the electrical grid goes down due to equipment failure, natural disasters, civil disorder or other emergency situations, municipal power supplies could be cut for a prolonged period of time — weeks, months or even longer. Be prepared with these survival strategies.

Stockpile the Necessities

Preparing for a potential power grid failure starts with making sure that all of your family’s needs will be met. Fresh water and food are essential, and when a crisis situation occurs, they may not be easy to get.

Preparing to survive a challenging situation means stockpiling those necessities, starting with a small amount to last a short time and gradually building up to a larger reserve, so that you have enough last several months or more.

To be fully ready for any emergency, gather other necessary supplies as well, including fuel, medical and first aid items, batteries, paper goods, medications and personal care products.

Off-Grid Electricity

A DIY solar panel kit can provide you with power whenever a grid failure occurs. Your electricity may still go out sometimes if your system is tied to the grid, unless of course you add adequate battery backup.

You will, however, generate your own power whenever the sun shines. In most cases, this will provide you sufficient capacity to endure a challenging situation unscathed. This is especially true if you augment your grid-tied system with solar-powered generators, accessories and mobile solar equipment.

Mobile Solar for Cooking and Water

In the event of an extended power outage, you’ll need to provide fresh and hot water for your family. And, of course, you need a way to cook food. Mobile solar applications can reliably handle these basic needs.

A portable solar water pump can supply drinking water, and water can be heated with a photovoltaic water heater. If you outfit your home or bug-out location accordingly, even regular equipment can be set up to use your alternative power source until the crisis blows over.

As for cooking, a mobile solar stove can be used to grill, fry or even bake meals. Mobile solar panels can be used to boost the power in these photovoltaic applications and can also provide electricity to small electronic devices and lights. Portable solar panels can even be linked together to provide a larger amount of electricity.

If you are interested in learning more about how to ensure your family’s safety and survival during an outage in the electrical grid, check out the many DIY solar and mobile solar options here on our website.

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Taking proactive steps today can ensure your family’s well-being during any crisis, including extended power grid failures.