Use a DIY Solar Kit to Expand Your PV Panel Array Posted on 04 Feb 10:50

Expanded PV Panel Array

A DIY solar kit is a great way to expand your PV system to increase your energy production.

Many solar customers — especially the early adopters — outgrow their photovoltaic systems. Consequently, their panel array isn’t large enough to meet their energy demands.

If your family has expanded or your lifestyle has changed and you find that your power needs have increased, consider using a DIY approach to expansion.

Adding Modules

One option for expanding your system is to install more modules.

Most experts recommend using modules of the same make and model you already have. In many cases, however, this may not be possible.

Models change, and companies that were around when you installed your system may no longer be producing the products you need. In that case, you can select any product that is compatible with your system, keeping a few caveats in mind.

Modules have gotten bigger; just a few years ago, 80-watt modules were the largest available. Now, modules of 200 watts or larger are more typical. The good news is that you can generate much more power with fewer modules.

Make sure your roof can handle the additional weight load, and pay attention to any size or space constraints you may be facing. If you question your roof’s ability to hold an expanded panel array, contact a structural engineer or licensed roofing contractor in your area for a professional evaluation.

Adding Inverters

If you have a grid-tied system, the size of your string inverter can limit your expansion.

However, many inverters need to be replaced sooner or later anyway, so when the time comes to expand, you may want to consider replacing your inverter altogether. New inverters make any future expansion much easier as well.

If you chose to install a new inverter, contact a licensed electrician to test your current modules’ voltage, to make sure the new inverter matches.

DIY Solar Expansion Kits

You can order DIY kits to expand your current system, but you may prefer to select and order each component individually. Pre-configured kits may not have all the specific items you need for a successful expansion.

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