Use DIY Portable Solar to Add Outdoor Lighting Posted on 01 Mar 09:00

Portable Solar Panel

Today, DIY portable solar technology is a simple and affordable way to power all kinds of electronics.

In fact, this technology has become quite popular over the last few years because it is so easy and inexpensive to use. One of the best applications that we’ve seen lately is for adding outdoor lighting to your home.

Why Use Portable Solar Kits around the House?

Since photovoltaic panels can be hooked up to just about anything you want to power outdoors, this means that you can add exterior lighting without increasing your energy consumption or costs.

Some of the most popular ways to use outdoor solar power include pathway lights, lampposts, security lights and wall-mounted lamps.

Because lighting can be decorative as well as practical, you can also use it to highlight your landscaping, fountain or pool, or to provide electricity to twinkling strands of overhead lights.

A Few Logistical Factors

Portable solar panels can work just about anywhere, but you must consider your geographic location, as well as where you plan to use this cost-effective power source.

Because the solar cells must have a certain amount of sunlight each day, the right panel location will maximize the power you can produce. It’s also important to consider how long you want to run the lights at night.

By using a timer system for your outdoor lighting, you can save power and use it to illuminate even more corners of the yard!

Does Battery Size Matter?

Battery size will not make a difference in the amount of energy your portable solar panels can produce.

If your solar panels can’t collect enough energy, then there won’t be enough to keep the battery charged — and charging the battery is what runs selected devices.

So, when selecting your DIY portable solar components, focus on generating the maximum amount of power possible.

Any Point in Building It Yourself?

While you can build a device like this from scratch, remember that you are dealing with electricity. And whenever you’re dealing with electricity, it can be dangerous.

Besides, by the time you collect and assemble all the parts and pieces, as well as the specialized tools and equipment required, you’ll likely spend more time and money than it takes to purchase pre-assembled kits.

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