DIY Solar Power in 5 Easy Steps Posted on 10 Mar 09:00

DIY Solar Steps

Today, you have no reason to be intimidated by DIY solar power. The process of designing and installing your own photovoltaic panel system has become simple and straightforward, thanks to the many available online resources.

In fact, if you follow these five easy steps, you’ll be on the road to energy independence before you know it!

Step 1: Planning

If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to familiarize yourself with the basics of solar energy.

You must first determine the type and size system that you need to meet your family’s energy requirements. You’ll also want to consider your budget and your future goals for cost savings and return on investment.

Step 2: Equipment

Grid-tied DIY solar kits typically feature three basic components. These are:

When selecting the design and brand of your panels, be sure to keep the future in mind. Look for a brand name you recognize and a performance warranty, as well as a warranty on materials and workmanship.

The few extra dollars you’ll spend on a reliable panel will pay off in a big way over time, in extended panel life and little or no maintenance issues.

Step 3: Size Your System

This step is where many do-it-yourselfers start to sweat, but it’s actually quite simple.

Start by collecting your electric bills from the past 12 months. Pay special attention to those months that reflect your highest usage. Look for the amount of kWh (kilowatt hours) that you use during those peak months.

This tells you how much power you will need to generate with your panels. Then simply plug your information into our handy DIY solar system calculator and you’ll have everything you need to know.

Another way you can determine the size of the system you will need is by adding up the wattage of the all the appliances you use during the course of a day. You can find a variety of sizing system estimators available online, like this one from

These make calculating the wattage based on your appliances and use easy. It also can show you which of your appliances and devices are the biggest energy hogs!

When you have determined your system size, it’s time to order your do-it-yourself solar kit!

Step 4: Order a DIY Solar Kit

Solar GOODs offers two easy ways to purchase your equipment: You can buy one of our professionally engineered DIY solar kits, or you can select the individual solar system components yourself.

If you go the second route, be sure that you select the appropriate DIY solar mounting components and accessories based on your roof surface and the expected weather conditions in your area.

Step 5: Get Started!

Once you have done all the calculations and ordered your kit, you can begin the installation process.

Depending on your system size and configuration, DIY solar installation will save you about 10 percent off the total cost. Now you can sit back and congratulate yourself on saving money and exercising your energy independence!

You’ll find all of the equipment and assistance you need at the Solar GOODs site, from calculating your system size to learning the best methods of installation. Visit us online today to get started with your own DIY solar power.