Beware of DIY Solar E-Book Scams! Posted on 07 Sep 09:00

Solar E-Book Scams

Let’s say you’re researching DIY solar panel systems, and you come across an e-book offering expert tips, installation advice and other insider information — all of which sounds like really great advice. The e-book costs less than $50, and if you follow the instructions inside, you can save hundreds or even thousands on your home photovoltaic project.

Sadly, it’s probably not a bargain. Most of these e-books are actually scams.

What DIY Solar E-Books Claim to Offer

The advertisements for solar DIY e-books are incredibly compelling.

They have headlines like, “Get Free Electricity for Just $200!” or “Lower Your Energy Bills by Hundreds Every Month!” These e-books often claim to provide exclusive information from a highly experienced photovoltaic industry specialist. And to really hook you, they offer “money-saving secrets that professional contractors and utility companies don’t want revealed.”

Solar e-books claim to contain everything you need to know about going the do-it-yourself route with solar, or about building your own photovoltaic panels.

What DIY Solar E-Books Really Offer

In reality, most solar DIY e-books are little more than clickbait marketing, designed to separate you from your hard-earned money. Few (if any) of these guides are created by actual photovoltaic industry professionals.

In many cases, solar DIY e-books contain misleading or inaccurate information that could lead to safety issues. And you can’t trust the ratings, because e-book marketers pay affiliates for positive reviews and referrals.

It is important to note that some e-book guides on this subject are legitimate and do offer helpful advice, but you should never pay for one. All of the information they contain can easily be found online, for free.

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