Can You Repair a Cracked Solar Kit Panel? Posted on 16 Dec 07:00

DIY solar kit panels are as durable as those used in most professional installations, and therefore able to withstand a heavy beating from the elements.

solar kit panel

As uncommon as it is, however, they can crack if their glass surfaces are hit with rocks, tree branches, baseballs or hail. Unusual or extreme temperatures can also cause cracking, like if you spray the panels with cold water on a hot, sunny day.

If one of the photovoltaic panels from your solar kit cracks, will you be able to fix it, or must you replace it?

Repairing Solar Kit Panel Cracks Is Possible in Some Cases

If the crack is small or near the edge of the frame, you may be able to cover it with glass tape or epoxy. However, if the cracking is extensive, you will likely have to replace the pane of glass.

Doing so will require you to remove the damaged glass, being careful not to touch the solar cells underneath. Next, you’ll need to measure the dimensions and order tempered glass to fit. Once it arrives, anchor the pane inside the frame with glazing cement.

Using a Repaired Solar Panel Will Affect Overall Solar Kit Output

Just because a solar panel is cracked doesn’t mean it won’t work. But it does mean that you’ll probably see a loss in its energy output, regardless of whether you attempt to repair the crack.

Solar kit panel cracks can result in loose connections inside the photovoltaic panel, and that means lower production. To repair the connections, you’ll have to access the back of the solar cells by cutting into the silicone that holds them in place.

This is not an easy task, and it will likely void your panel’s warranty.

Why You Should Consider Replacing a Cracked DIY Solar Panel

If the solar cells in your photovoltaic panel are damaged, repair may not even be a viable option. Even if yours are intact, you should consider replacing instead of fixing the glass.

To function effectively, solar panels must remain sealed against the elements. Every crack — no matter how minor — presents the opportunity for moisture and dust particles to get inside. Once moisture or debris has penetrated, removing it completely is nearly impossible. Moisture inside your photovoltaic panel can lead to corrosion within the module, which can spread to the mounting components holding the system in place on your rooftop. This compromises the integrity of your solar kit’s array, and could lead to a potentially hazardous situation.

With help from Solar GOODs, replacing a cracked photovoltaic panel is simple. We can assist you in selecting the appropriate module and provide easy-to-follow mounting instructions. (Remember that you may need to check with your utility company and a licensed electrician about wiring requirements for your replacement panel.)

For more information regarding replacement panels for your DIY solar kit, visit us online today.