Choosing Portable Solar Speakers to Fit Your Style Posted on 22 Mar 07:00

Portable solar speakers are a great way to take high-quality stereo sound with you into the great outdoors, or wherever you may roam.

portable solar speaker

Enjoying music on the go has always been a struggle. The 1980s “boom boxes” required 5 pounds of D batteries to run for an hour or two. Today’s Bluetooth speakers aren’t much better, as they can’t stray too far from an electrical outlet.

Now, with long-lasting portable solar speakers, superior sound can follow you anywhere.

Charging Options for Portable Speakers

High-quality rechargeable speakers typically have run times of at least 10 hours. So whether you’re headed out for a hike or planning a bonfire at the beach, the tunes will keep on rocking as long as you do.

Charging time is minimal and speakers can be charged in two ways. Plug them into any USB source, and you’ll have a full charge in about two hours. Or connect a small, portable solar panel and you can be ready to go in two to four hours.

The Rock Out 2 rechargeable speaker is weather-resistant and can provide up to 20 hours of music without draining your phone, iPod or tablet.

Rechargeable Solar Speakers Never Need to Be Plugged In

Ten hours of playtime is plenty for many situations. But what if you want to listen for longer — without carrying around a solar panel or having access to a USB source?

Rechargeable solar speakers never have to be plugged in, thanks to an on-board photovoltaic panel. To charge the speaker, expose the built-in monocrystalline solar panel to the sun’s rays and it will be charged in two to four hours.

That means you can enjoy music from your smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or laptop all day — or all weekend — long. Then, once the sun goes down, an advanced lithium battery will keep the music flowing for 10 additional hours on a single charge.

The Rock Out 2 solar rechargeable speaker can also be charged using a standard USB cable. With one-touch Bluetooth pairing capability, you can roam the trails and back roads with all your favorite tunes.

Additional Features of Portable Solar Rechargeable Speakers

You may not expect much in terms of sound quality from a small, handheld Bluetooth rechargeable speaker. The Rock Out models available from Solar GOODs, however, deliver powerful, deep bass and precision sound that stands up to the demands of any music lover. And for a bigger, louder party, multiple speakers can be linked together.

In addition to the high-quality sound and long-lasting run time, rechargeable solar speakers also offer other advantages. A built-in microphone allows the Rock Out speakers to double as rugged speaker phones. The speakers are also weather-resistant, going strong no matter what Mother Nature dishes out.

Solar GOODs, the DIY solar kit superstore, also carries an extensive line of affordable mobile photovoltaic products. To learn more about our speakers and other portable solar accessories, visit our website today.