DIY Solar Power: Here’s Why the Right Time Is Now Posted on 10 Oct 09:00

If a DIY solar power system has been on your radar for a while, it may be time to finally get off the fence and make the commitment. 


Regardless of why you have hesitated to make the move to energy independence and major cost savings, now’s the time to take action. 

Here are three compelling reasons to make the switch to photovoltaic solar today: 

1. Costs of DIY Solar Power Systems Have Plunged 

Over the last several decades, the costs for photovoltaic panels have dramatically fallen. 

In the 1970s, researchers were excited about the potential of solar cells coming down in price from $100 per watt to $20 per watt. These days, DIY solar panels cost less than $2 per watt on a national average. 

Do you still think you should wait for photovoltaic panel costs to come down even more? That may not be a good plan. We may see the price drop further, but not much, so you likely won’t save as much by waiting as you would by reducing your power bills right now. 

2. Electricity Rates Continue to Increase Dramatically 

The average electricity rate across the United States today is 12.73 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh). In many states, however, the utility rates are much higher than the national average. For example, homeowners on the Pacific coast pay 15.49 cents per kWh, and those in New England are charged an average of 18.9 cents per kWh. 

And electricity rates have been steadily rising for years. Back in 2001, the average American homeowner paid 8.58 cents per kWh. Ten years later, in 2011, that price jumped to 11.72. Each year since then has seen increases, and there’s little reason to believe that it won’t continue on this trend. 

Depending upon the size of your photovoltaic array, your DIY solar panels could produce thousands of kilowatt hours of free energy every year, saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. The sooner you install your solar array, the sooner you can start saving. 

3. Financial Incentives for DIY Solar Power Are Set to Expire 

Until the end of 2019, homeowners can claim a 30 percent federal income tax credit for their solar installation. After that date, the allowable credit percentage decreases each year, with the tax credit set to be eliminated at the end of 2021. 

Other financial incentives for a photovoltaic installation are also steadily disappearing. Since 2010, five states ended their solar tax credit programs. Four more are scheduled to expire by the end of 2017. Similarly, several states have discontinued their solar rebate programs, and grants are getting harder to find. 

If you live in a state with financial incentives, plan your DIY solar power installation before they disappear too.   

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