How Long Do Mobile Solar Power Systems Last? Posted on 31 Aug 09:00

Portable Solar Panel Lifespan

Mobile solar power systems are designed to make your life easier, keeping your must-have devices and electronics powered up wherever you happen to be.

But because you work hard and play hard, your gear gets put through its paces. So how long can you expect a mobile or portable photovoltaic energy kit to work?

Durability of Mobile Solar Systems

Mobile solar kits are lightweight (some are less than 5 pounds) and easily transportable, so you can take them just about everywhere in the great outdoors. Whether you enjoy hiking trips to nearby national parks, backpacking adventures in the mountains or camping in the backcountry, portable photovoltaic systems provide power anywhere.

This means that mobile solar kits need to be durable — and they are.

These products are thoroughly tested at different temperatures and in varying levels of elevation and humidity. The photovoltaic panels and battery storage devices are resistant to water and the effects of weather. Portable solar energy systems are quite rugged, like other premium products created for the outdoors.

Caring for the Components in Mobile Solar Systems

Mobile photovoltaic systems contain solar panels and battery storage, such as a power pack or a solar generator. They have no moving parts, so they require virtually no maintenance.

You may occasionally need to wipe or spray down the solar panels if they get dusty or grimy, as any buildup could make them less effective at producing electricity. The batteries and generators also may be wiped down if necessary. And to keep them fresh and ready to go when you are, store your battery devices plugged into the wall.

Just make sure to unplug them at least once every few months to maintain the health of the battery.

Warranties for Mobile Solar Components

Because they are designed for outdoor use, the warranties for portable solar kits are not as extensive as those for residential photovoltaic systems. That said, the standard coverage gives you plenty of time to ensure that your components are in solid working order and free of defects in workmanship and material.

Mobile photovoltaic panels typically carry a one-year warranty, while batteries and generators usually come with six months of coverage.

These warranties apply to normal consumer use, which for portable solar kits, could mean anything from charging your devices on-the-go to powering up your remote campsite. If any component fails to operate during the warranty period and the cause is a defect in the product, it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

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