How to Choose a Mobile Solar Kit Posted on 7 Dec 07:30

Getting a mobile solar kit is the perfect way to ensure you have a reliable source of power for any outdoor adventure.  


Take a mobile solar kit along whenever you’re headed out for a few days of wilderness camping, a week-long hunting expedition or any other type of outdoor excursion. That way, you’ll have power for your electronics and other modern conveniences. 

Portable solar kits are available in a variety of configurations, so be sure to choose the right one to meet your needs. 

Surface Area of the Photovoltaic Panel 

Begin by making a list of the devices you will need to power. This will help determine how large your kit should be. 

Typical mobile solar kits contain a photovoltaic panel and a power pack battery to store energy harvested from the sun. The photovoltaic modules vary in size, and size makes all the difference in how long the kit takes to power up your electronic devices. 

The larger your mobile PV panel, the more sunlight it can collect at once. So the greater the size of your photovoltaic module, the faster your smartphone, GPS or other devices can charge. Plus, portable kits with larger solar panels are typically capable of powering more electronics at the same time. 

Output and Charging Capacity of Mobile Solar Kits 

Next, identify how much wattage you want to produce with your portable solar kit. 

Photovoltaic modules are rated in watts. The panel options for mobile kits range from 7 to more than100 watts. Some portable solar kits allow for multiple photovoltaic panels to be strung together to increase the available wattage. 

So what does the wattage tell you, in terms of the amount of energy a photovoltaic module can produce? Basically, the higher the number of watts, the more electricity the panels will generate over a given time period. Therefore, portable solar kits that have higher wattages are more powerful, with greater output and charging capacity.   

Transportability of the Mobile Solar Kit 

Finally, consider how portable you need your solar kit to be and how you’ll be transporting it. The photovoltaic modules offered with solar kits can almost always be easily transported, but not necessarily in the same ways. 

Some portable photovoltaic panels are small enough to be attached to a backpack for an afternoon of hiking. Others are heavier, but will roll up or fold to fit in your car’s trunk or back seat. Still other modules are rigid and larger, but still small enough to be transported in the back of a truck or on a trailer. 

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