Make Mobile Solar Part of Your Car’s Emergency Kit Posted on 9 Nov 08:30

If you keep a mobile solar panel in your car’s emergency kit, you’ll be much better prepared for unexpected situations like breakdowns and accidents. 

mobile solar panel

You probably have flares, jumper cables, tire-changing equipment and a first-aid kit in your trunk for emergencies. You may also have supplies such as water, food, blankets, extra clothing, bungee cords and duct tape. 

But if your car runs out of gas or breaks down in the middle of nowhere, having a source of power can help keep you and your family safe. 

Fortunately, today’s advanced photovoltaic technology provides a number of simple and inexpensive portable options to consider for your vehicle’s emergency kit. 

A Mobile Solar Flashlight Provides a Reliable Light Source 

Sure, you could stock your car emergency kit with a regular, heavy-duty flashlight, or an even longer-lasting LED model. And you could keep extra batteries on hand, just in case. But if your batteries corrode or run out of power, you’ll be left in the dark. 

Choose a portable solar flashlight instead, and youll have bright light available any time you need it. The PV panel on the back of the light can power up the LED bulbs. And if you use all the solar power, you can recharge your batteries quickly via a hand crank. 

Charge Your Devices with a Lightweight Mobile Solar Panel  

Portable solar flashlights have an integrated USB port for charging your cell phone. But if your phone is dead, powering it up through a flashlight can take a long time. You’ll get a much faster charge with a portable solar panel.

 And unlike flashlights, mobile panels can charge other electronics, like tablets, emergency radios and GPS devices. 

Several sizes are available, from 7 watts up to 100 watts. Portable panels are foldable for easy trunk storage, and theyre amazingly lightweight. Even the most powerful model comes in at just over 10 pounds. 

A Mobile Solar Kit Provides the Maximum Emergency Power 

Portable solar panels only work when the sun is shining. Once night falls, your source of power is gone. 

If you want to have emergency power after the sun goes down, you’ll need a battery to store energy collected during the day. The simplest solution is to choose a mobile solar kit for your vehicle. 

A mobile solar kit provides an all-in-one power solution, as it contains a solar panel and a battery storage pack  everything you need for a reliable source of emergency power. 

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