Mobile Solar FAQ Posted on 22 Jul 09:00

Mobile Solar FAQ

With mobile solar, you can have a plentiful supply of free power anywhere you want to go.

Electricity isn’t available everywhere, but mobile solar technology allows you to leverage Mother Nature’s powerful gift.

Portable solar panels capture the energy of the sun and convert it into electricity that you can use anywhere. Add a battery or generator, and you can store electricity to use later when the sun isn’t shining.

And the best part is that portable solar technology is extremely affordable!

What Can You Power with Mobile Solar?

A variety of portable solar solutions are available today.

Smaller photovoltaic panels can be used with devices that do not require a lot of power, such as cell phones, MP3 players, headlamps and GPS devices. Most USB and 12V electronics also can be charged with these modules. Step up the size of your portable photovoltaic system and you can keep your laptop, tablet and DSLR camera charged.

Need more power? String a few mobile modules together to charge several devices or power larger electronics, such as a TV or small refrigerator. Or consider choosing a bigger battery storage system or wiring your panels to a mobile generator.

Some portable photovoltaic systems are trailer-mounted and include a generator to provide a lot of power.

Can Your Devices Run Directly from Mobile Solar Panels?

If the sun is shining brightly with no clouds in the sky, portable solar panels can provide enough power to keep a constant charge on many small devices. However, larger electronics have a higher power requirement. Even low-power devices may not be able to run directly if the weather isn’t ideal. If clouds pass by, the charging may be interrupted.

For these reasons, many people find that charging a battery and then using it to power electronics works better than charging devices directly from the photovoltaic panel. Plus, the battery can take the heat of the sun, but excessive heat can be damaging to some electronic devices.

How Long Does Mobile Solar Charging Take?

The amount of power portable solar energy systems produce varies depending upon the efficiency of the photovoltaic panels and how they are angled to harness the sun. The weather plays a part as well.

You’ll capture the most energy on sunny, clear days. So charging times for your electronic devices or solar battery can vary slightly.

The good news is that energy output from your portable solar power system can be estimated, based upon the system configuration. The type and number of photovoltaic panels, along with the battery model, can be used to determine an average charging time.

In fact, many mobile solar systems include an estimated number of hours for a full charge.

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