Mobile Solar Kits Offer a Taste of the Off-Grid Lifestyle Posted on 9 Jan 07:30

A mobile solar kit lets you experience the off-grid lifestyle without committing to full-time self-sufficiency. If you’ve ever thought about getting away from it all and going off-grid, trying out mobile solar is an ideal way to test the waters.

mobile solar kit

Whether you just want to escape everyday life for a little while or you are exploring the idea of living off-grid full time, portable photovoltaic power can help you achieve your goals.

Go Off-Grid Whenever You Want with Mobile Solar Kit

Solar kits contain everything you need to create your own electricity, and every component is designed to be portable. So anytime you have the urge — or the need — to get out of Dodge, you can quickly pack up and go.

And you can stay off the grid as long as you like. The mobile solar panel in your kit will produce power for you every day the sun shines, and your battery power pack will store energy for your use at night. Opt for a kit with a generator, and you’ll never have to be without electricity, even on cloudy days.

Take Your Mobile Solar Kit Anywhere

Where can you go with mobile photovoltaic power? The better question would be, where can’t you go?

Grab some camping gear and hit the road. You can stop and set up a portable solar kit anyplace that catches your interest. Or rent a remote cabin in the wilderness and see what it’s like to really live the off-grid lifestyle.

You could also take an off-grid adventure offshore. A mobile kit can power your sailboat or cruising watercraft.

Truly, the sky’s the limit when it comes to traveling off-grid with portable solar power.

Choosing a Mobile Solar Kit to Take You Off-Grid

Portable photovoltaic kits are available in a wide variety of configurations. How do you choose the right one to meet your off-grid-living dreams?

The answer depends on how much power you need. If you’re planning on roughing it and really only need electricity for a camp light and a small device or two, a compact solar kit could serve you well. Compact photovoltaic kits also work well for off-grid backpacking and hiking adventures, as they are lightweight and easy to maneuver.

If, however, you want to use all your electronics and creature comforts, you’ll need a more powerful portable kit, possibly one that includes a solar generator. And depending on your energy consumption, you may need to string a few photovoltaic modules together to produce enough power to meet your needs.

Whatever your off-grid power needs are, Solar GOODs, your DIY superstore for energy independence, has a portable solution. We offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art portable solar products to meet every off-grid-living need. Visit us today to check out our complete line of mobile solar kits.