Mobile Solar Trailers Offer Versatile Energy Independence Posted on 24 Oct 08:05

You’ve likely seen a mobile solar trailer in use at a construction site or at a local public event. Theyre also frequently used to provide electricity in disaster relief situations. 

mobile solar

But if you think mobile solar power is only suitable for businesses and emergency services, think again. A portable photovoltaic trailer can be a practical and functional purchase for anyone, but especially for those of us who want to establish our energy independence. 

Off-Grid Living with a Mobile Solar Trailer 

Do you have a hunting cabin or remote home in the wilderness that isn’t connected to the utility grid? Or do you like to go camping out in the middle of nowhere? 

Maybe you go without electricity some nature-lovers prefer this option for off-grid living, as it allows them to fully enjoy the peaceful surroundings. Or perhaps you forgo the quiet and clean air, and draw power from a noisy electric generator that runs on gas or propane. 

What if you could have peace and quiet and still have electricity? 

You can, with a portable photovoltaic trailer. A mobile solar unit is silent, giving you power for off-grid living without the ear-splitting noise of an electric generator. It generates no fumes and you’ll never have to fetch and store fuel to keep it running.  

Take Your Portable Solar Trailer to Work 

Hitch a photovoltaic power trailer to your vehicle, and you can take it anywhere you want or need power. 

Perhaps you’re planning a birthday party or family reunion at a nearby park. A solar trailer can provide electricity for cooking, lights, music, bug zappers and anything else you need for the celebration. 

Many contractors and field workers also find mobile photovoltaic power to be useful on the job. Does your job have you traveling to various worksites? Or do you operate a food truck or a vendor booth at local fairs and festivals? In those and many other work applications, a solar trailer can keep your equipment, electronics and devices all powered up. 

Use a Mobile Solar Trailer for Backup Power 

Candles and flashlights will give you a little light when the power goes out, and that may be enough if the utility grid is only down for a short time. But if minutes turn into hours or days, the food in your refrigerator and freezer will go bad. Without your outdoor security lighting, your home becomes vulnerable. And you’ll have to do without your television, computer and other electronics. 

But if you have a mobile solar unit, you’ll have a backup source of power for whenever the utility grid is down. The other homes on your block may be left in the dark, but you’ll be cozy and comfortable, as your portable solar trailer can provide you with electricity for your lights, refrigerator and electronics. 

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