Mobile Solar Units Essential to Bugging Out Posted on 22 Jun 09:00

Mobile Solar Unit

Have you considered adding a mobile solar unit to your bug-out bag?

When an emergency situation or natural disaster strikes, the electrical grid may go down. And if you decide to hit the road, your bug-out location may not have power.

Although you may not want to rely on electronics when SHTF, it’s hard to deny the benefits of having reliable a source of free, portable power.

Have Power in Minutes with a Mobile Solar Unit

Do you need to charge your GPS or smartphone? Or do you want to power up an emergency radio? A mobile solar PV unit can provide you with maximum power in the minimum amount of time.

Getting set up to capture the sun’s energy is incredibly simple. Everything you need is included in a portable photovoltaic panel kit. All you need to do is place the PV panels in the sun and plug in your electronics.

A portable solar PV unit also can provide emergency backup power in the event of a grid outage. You can keep a refrigerator running to prevent your food from going bad, for example, or you could power up your television, laptop or video game system for some entertainment.

Take Power When and Where You Need it with a Mobile Solar Unit

If the going gets tough and you decide that it’s time to get out of Dodge, you can slide your portable solar PV kit in the back of your car or truck.

Or, if you have a larger trailer unit, you can hitch it to the back of your vehicle. In either case, you can be ready to take off with only a moment’s notice.

Because these PV kits are so transportable, you can put them exactly where you need them. This means you can easily move them to another area of your property if, say, you need electricity to run power tools at that spot. Or, you can angle the photovoltaic panels to take better advantage of the sun as the day goes on.

Have Permanent Power with a Mobile Solar Unit

Some portable solar kits are actually solar generators, capable of both providing energy and storing it in batteries for later use. This gives you the capability of having a permanent power source, ready and available whenever you need it.

With portable PV power, you’ll have a clean and free source of energy that requires no fuel and produces no fumes. The smallest versions can charge a few electronic devices, while the larger ones can power home appliances or a furnace in an off-grid cabin.

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Solar GOODs, your DIY solar superstore, is working hard to make sure you’re covered with portable and mobile solar technology if SHTF.