Not All DIY Solar Kits Are Created Equal Posted on 14 Dec 07:30

DIY solar kits are popping up for sale everywhere these days. Wholesale distributors and mass-market retailers have followed the example of professional photovoltaic companies by offering inexpensive, bundled kits designed for installation by aspiring do-it-yourselfers.

Does it really matter where you shop? 

DIY solar kits

Absolutely. All DIY home solar kits are not the same. To ensure your investment is truly sound, buying from a trusted photovoltaic company like Solar GOODs is your best bet. 

Many Companies Sell Preconfigured DIY Solar Kits 

Most of the DIY kits offered by online photovoltaic distributors  as well as those sold at big-box home stores and discount clubs  are preconfigured. In other words, they contain a specific number of photovoltaic panels and inverters from a particular manufacturer. They also often include a rooftop rack system to mount the components. 

Although these photovoltaic systems may work for some DIYers, you’ll likely have to compromise if you purchase one of these systems.   

Preconfigured home photovoltaic kits may not provide enough power to meet your needs or they may be more than you need. The mounting components may not be right for your type of roof, as different roofs require different rack systems. Kits designed for mass retail sale are not configured for location either, so someone in Maine will be looking at the same kit as a homeowner in Nevada. 

On top of that, some wholesalers sell kits that include panels and components from no-name manufacturers. You won’t have the peace of mind that comes with full warranties and a stable manufacturer. When it comes to DIY kits, you definitely get what you pay for. 

At Solar GOODs, Customers Design Their Own DIY Solar Kits 

The only way to make sure that your home photovoltaic system is tailored to your household energy consumption is to buy from an established company like Solar GOODs. 

Nothing is preconfigured here. You choose all of your own components. Fill in the blanks on our DIY solar kit calculator, and you’ll get options for photovoltaic panels, inverters and mounting hardware. Everything is customized to meet your power needs and budget, and to be compatible with your type of roof. 

And unlike other online sites and retail stores offering DIY photovoltaic panel kits, our experts are available to answer your questions. Or if you prefer, we can create a photovoltaic system for you, designed for optimal energy production in your location. 

Solar GOODs Is an Affiliate of a Top Utah Photovoltaic Contractor 

Reputation matters when it comes to online shopping. Solar GOODs has a solid history of providing above-and-beyond service to customers across the country, and we offer only the highest-quality photovoltaic products with long-term manufacturers’ warranties. 

And we’re not the only ones standing behind our DIY kits. Solar GOODs is an affiliate of Intermountain Wind & Solar. IWS has installed more than 86,000 photovoltaic panels, and Solar Power World named the company one of the top photovoltaic contractors in the nation. 

With our combined experience in the industry, you can trust that we have an expert understanding of efficient and effective photovoltaic components and system design. 

Are you ready to learn more about our do-it-yourself photovoltaic systems? Explore the Solar GOODs website or contact us with your questions. 

As the sister company of Intermountain Wind & Solar, the Intermountain West’s most trusted professional photovoltaic contractor, you can trust in our expertise and quality for your DIY solar kit or custom system.