Portable Solar Helps Renters Leverage the Sun’s Energy Posted on 12 Sep 11:35

Portable Solar for Renters

If you rent your home, portable solar technology can provide a way to leverage the sun’s free power even when you can’t install a rooftop solar panel system.

With more than 42.6 million rental households in the United States, solar providers must find ways to supply this growing demographic with access to photovoltaic power. Fortunately, portable solar technology can capture energy from the sun to produce power for a rental house — and apartment-dwellers.

Do you rent your home? If so, adopting solar energy can reduce your dependence on the utility grid and lower your electricity bills significantly.

How Portable Solar Power Systems Work

Mobile solar power systems use the same photovoltaic panels as their rooftop counterparts.

Each panel contains dozens of solar cells that react to light. When the sun shines down and hits the cells, the electron particles inside travel from one layer of the cell to another, creating a flow of electricity.

The energy captured by a mobile photovoltaic panel is direct current (DC) electricity, but alternating current (AC) is standard for U.S. home appliances and electronics. An inverter connected to the solar panel converts the DC power to AC electricity, which is then usable in your home.

Using Your Portable Solar Energy System

Rental homes and apartments are connected to the utility grid. Most renters simply plug in their electronic devices and household appliances and pay the electricity bill every month.

With a mobile photovoltaic system, however, you have your own source of free energy. You can charge your devices, power your home electronics and run your appliances, all without paying for the electricity.

So where can you put a portable photovoltaic system?

You can locate your panels anywhere, as long as they are in the sunlight. Home renters can place the unit in the back yard or at the side of the house, for example, while apartment dwellers can keep it on a balcony or patio.

And when you get ready to move or buy a home — or if you’re just taking a short camping trip — the mobile solar equipment can go with you.

What Are Your Portable Solar Options?

You can go as big or as small as you want with mobile solar power. Some systems are compact and lightweight, ideal for people who are continually on the go or who don’t have much space for photovoltaic panels on their rental property.

Larger portable solar panel systems are designed to provide more electricity. Their components may be installed on easily moveable rolling platforms or in trailer units.

You have the option of configuring your mobile photovoltaic system to include batteries for storing electricity for later use. You also can add a generator if you like, ensuring a constant supply of energy no matter what.

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