Portable Solar Keeps Your Mobile Devices Charged Posted on 17 Oct 08:30

A portable solar power system is perfect for keeping your smartphone and tablet charged when you’re nowhere near another power source.

Using the sun’s energy is free, after all, and available most anywhere. Portable is definitely the way to go when it comes to charging your devices, as you’ll be able to keep them powered no matter where life takes you.

Compact Mobile Solar Panels to Charge Smartphones

Charging your phone or tablet is easy with a portable photovoltaic panel. Mobile modules look nothing like their rigidly framed rooftop counterparts, and they’re surprisingly light.

Portable solar panels are engineered to be both compact and lightweight. Many models are flexible or foldable, allowing for easier transportation. Attach one to your backpack for power during a day hike, for example, or carry one along with you for electricity at off-the-grid worksite locations.

With a portable solar panel, you can charge your device using only the sun. You can also power up your other USB and 12-volt devices, including your GPS, fitness trackers and MP3 players

Mobile Solar Rechargers for Smartphones

What if you need more power on the go, but you want something a little more compact? Consider a mobile solar recharger.

A recharger is basically a pocket-sized device about the size of a lighter designed to hold extra power for your smartphone or other small USB-powered device. Get an inexpensive model that has a single charge, or spend a bit more for a mobile solar recharger that provides multiple charges for your small devices.

Once the power has drained from your portable solar recharger, you simply charge it back up again by plugging it into a USB power source or connecting it to a mobile solar panel.

New Mobile Solar Slide Battery

If you have an iPhone, you have a third option for portable solar power. OtterBox, known for rugged smartphone cases, has created a case that can provide added functionality through various attachments. Goal Zero, a market leader in the photovoltaic industry, has created a Slide Battery for this OtterBox case.

The Slide Battery provides an extra charge for your iPhone through the certified Lightning® connector. And, of course, the OtterBox case offers strong protection. But, that’s not all  you can also add a small photovoltaic panel called the Nomad Folio to the top of the Slide Battery. By adding the Nomad Folio, you’ll have power for your iPhone anytime the sun is shining.

To learn more about these and other mobile solar options, explore the Solar GOODs website today. There you will find a variety of affordable options and all of your favorite portable solar gear.