Prepper Basics: Use Mobile Solar to Power Your Bug-Out Location Posted on 13 Feb 07:30

Mobile solar units can ensure that you won’t be without power if the SHTF and the electrical grid goes down.

mobile solar bug-out

Portable photovoltaic kits contain everything you need to provide a reliable source of power. As long as your bug-out location has access to sunlight, you and your family will enjoy the benefits of free electricity.

By capturing the sun’s energy, you can keep your appliances and electronic devices up and running — and no other fuel will be needed.

Why You May Prefer Mobile Solar Over a Rooftop System

If you own a remote cabin or tiny home that you plan to use as a bug-out location, you may have considered installing an off-grid DIY rooftop solar power system. This could certainly provide you with a reliable source of electricity, but a rooftop photovoltaic array may not be the right choice if you have to GOOD.

When the SHTF, preppers will be in the minority — most of your friends and neighbors won’t have power. Consequently, you may not want people to know that you have electricity, as this could make you a target.

A rooftop photovoltaic array will advertise the fact that you are prepared for an emergency and that you may have supplies other people want. Mobile solar units are much easier to conceal from view, which makes them a popular choice among savvy preppers.

And if you’re forced to leave your location, you can take your mobile solar equipment with you. A rooftop array does not offer that flexibility.

Mobile Solar Options for Your Bug-Out Location

Compact and mid-size portable photovoltaic kits are highly practical for getting out of Dodge. These units are lightweight and versatile, capable of providing electricity wherever it is needed. You could use one for power at your bug-out location, for example, then pack it up and take it along on your hunting and fishing trips.

If you need more power, you may prefer one of our heavy-duty mobile photovoltaic units that includes solar generators and battery storage systems. These kits are larger and heavier, but they can be transported in a truck or van.

To make bugging out faster and easier, you can plan ahead and install the components on a towable trailer or platform.

Designing Your Mobile Solar Kit

A variety of preconfigured portable solar kits is available, and one could suit your bug out needs perfectly — particularly since many systems allow you to string additional photovoltaic modules together for more power.

For the ultimate prepper solution, you may prefer to have Solar GOODs design a custom mobile photovoltaic kit for you. The experts at our sister company, Intermountain Wind & Solar, can create a practical, cost-effective portable solar unit that is scaled to meet your family’s specific power needs.

Keeping your family safe and comfortable when the SHTF will be easier if you have electricity, and portable photovoltaic power can ensure your long-term power supply. To learn more, contact Solar GOODs or visit our website to learn more about the latest mobile solar products.