Rigid vs. Foldable Mobile Solar Panels Posted on 14 Apr 07:30

Are you in the market for mobile solar panels? If so, you’ve probably noticed that some modules are rigid while others fold up.

To make the right choice for your solar energy needs on the go, it’s important to understand the differences. The best option for you will depend on your power needs, your budget and where you plan to use the photovoltaic panels.

mobile solar panels

Pros and Cons of Rigid Mobile Solar Panels

Rigid solar modules are tough as nails. Built with durable tempered glass and a sturdy aluminum frame, these unbendable portable panels are strong enough to be used in a permanent photovoltaic power installation.

As these mobile modules have no joint areas, they make efficient use of space. Rigid photovoltaic panels are packed full of sun-absorbing solar cells and the frame is narrow, so very little space is wasted. Unbendable portable solar modules are also weatherproof, capable of withstanding extreme climate conditions including exposure to humid, salty environments.

The only potential disadvantage to rigid photovoltaic panels is that due to their inflexibility, transporting these modules presents a bit more of a challenge.

Pros and Cons of Foldable Mobile Solar Panels

Like rigid panels, foldable solar modules can also handle inclement weather, as they are made to be tough and rugged. Stormy conditions or a bit of saltwater spray won’t harm this type of portable photovoltaic panel.

Transporting foldable modules is also easy, as most collapse to a small enough size to tuck into a backpack or duffle bag.

Compared to unbendable solar panels, however, foldable photovoltaic modules aren’t as space-efficient. While they do have sturdy, narrow frames, a little solar cell area is lost to the hinges.

Which Portable Solar Panels Are Right for You?

Both rigid and foldable mobile solar modules are made of monocrystalline silicon, which is the most energy-efficient type of silicon cell. Also, both types of photovoltaic panels are chainable, meaning you can link several in a series to generate a greater amount of power.

So how do you choose which type is right for you?

For many of our customers, the decision comes down to size and portability. For those who need a compact model for travel, foldable modules make more sense. The largest foldable solar module we sell here at Solar GOODs has a 100-watt power capacity, yet it folds to roughly 20 inches by 15 inches and weighs just over 10 pounds.

Our 100-watt rigid photovoltaic panels, on the other hand, are much larger at about 40 inches by 27 inches. Plus, they weigh between 20 and 26 pounds, so they aren't as easy to lug for a long distance.

Ultimately, your best option is the one that meets your power output needs, your capacity for transportation and your budget. Solar GOODs, your online DIY superstore for energy independence, has everything do-it-yourselfers need to harness the sun’s energy at home or on the go. Visit our website today for a look at our complete line of high-quality rigid and foldable mobile solar panels.