Stocking Stuffers for Preppers: Our Favorite Solar Gadgets Posted on 23 Nov 07:30

Do you have any preppers on your holiday gift list? Solar-powered gadgets are both useful and fun  and sure to please the survivalists in your life.

solar gadgets

Lots of practical solar gadgets are available this holiday season, and they make excellent stocking stuffers for preppers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.


Smartphone Solar Rechargers Keep Preppers Connected


These days, nearly everyone carries a smartphone. And most preppers keep chargers handy in their cars, homes and workplaces. But traditional chargers don’t work when power isn’t available.

No self-respecting survivalist wants to be stuck with a dead smartphone when the SHTF. A PV-powered recharger can prevent this from happening, and that makes it a perfect gift for preppers.

Solar rechargers are pocket-sized devices that hold an extra charge for a smartphone. Some models can even provide multiple charges, and many PV cell phone rechargers can power other small electronic devices, like cameras and tablets.

Preppers appreciate that these handy chargers are reusable too. After their power is drained, they can easily be charged up again with a portable solar panel, or when grid power returns, any USB power source.


Solar-Powered Flashlights Provide Preppers with Emergency Lighting


Flashlights are classic and practical stocking stuffers. Ordinary battery-powered models can be useful, but the preppers on your holiday list will be much more impressed with a mobile solar flashlight.

A solar-powered flashlight is always ready to provide light, with no worries about dead or corroded batteries. Your prepper friends and family members can power them up with the energy of the sun through built-in or external portable photovoltaic panels.

Many solar-powered models also offer quicker sources of light, as they can be charged with a hand crank, a car adapter or via a USB connection as well.


Solar-Powered Watches Are Useful in Worst-Case Scenarios


Since a time check is as easy as glancing at your smartphone, few of us wear wristwatches anymore. But if things go south, cell phones could quickly turn into paperweights or projectiles.

Although you may think a situation that could render smartphones useless is unlikely to happen, preppers are committed to being ready for a worst-case scenario.

That makes solar-powered watches ideal stocking stuffers for preppers. Solar wristwatches don’t require a battery or daily winding, as they convert the sun’s light into electrical energy. And thanks to a rechargeable solar cell, they continue to keep time even in the dark.

A solar-powered watch would be quite valuable in a SHTF situation, but your prepper friends can use a solar wristwatch in their everyday lives too, while traveling, camping or hunting.

Do you need more stocking stuffer ideas for the survivalists in your life? Head to the Solar GOODs online DIY superstore for energy independence. Any of our state-of-the-art mobile solar products are sure to delight the preppers on your gift list this holiday season.