Top 3 DIY Solar Solutions for Preppers Posted on 10 Apr 07:30

DIY solar technology makes it possible for preppers to achieve energy independence and self-sufficiency. But even more important, it provides critical peace of mind.

You never know what life has in store, and becoming less reliant on the utility grid is a smart way to plan for an unknown future. A natural disaster or catastrophic event could occur at any time, or the deteriorating power infrastructure could fail.

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Investing in home and mobile solar power can go a long way toward keeping your family safe and comfortable when SHTF.

Create Your Own Home Electricity with a DIY Solar Kit

Insurance protects you against losses. If you’re like most people, you may have policies for your home, automobiles and health care. Prepping with DIY solar is much like another form of insurance — but it starts paying off immediately.

Install a DIY solar kit on your rooftop or in the back yard, and you’ll be able to create your own electricity. Instead of paying the utility company every month, you can put that cash toward a stockpile of emergency food and supplies.

The knowledge and skills you’ll gain from installing a DIY solar kit will also pay off, improving your ability to be self-reliant. Taking steps toward energy independence is empowering for anyone, but especially for the forward-looking prepper community.

Be Prepared for Blackouts with a Mobile Solar Generator

Power outages are on the rise, as the aging infrastructure, increased electricity demand and more frequent extreme weather stress the utility grid. Power shortages are expected to dramatically increase the incidence of grid outages in the coming years.

Unfortunately, a DIY solar kit will not produce electricity in the event of a blackout as long as you are tied to the power grid. Your system will automatically shut off, because it isn’t safe for electricity to flow from your photovoltaic panels through the utility lines when workers are out making repairs.

One practical solution to this dilemma is a mobile solar generator. If a blackout occurs, you can disconnect from the grid and use the generator’s stored energy to power your home. Everything you need is included, and your system can be up and running in no time.

Be Ready to Bug Out with a Mobile Solar Unit

What if your family can’t stay at home? At any point, an emergency could force you to make a quick evacuation.

If you do have to GOOD, a mobile solar unit can provide you with a reliable source of electricity wherever you go. Smaller photovoltaic panel kits, capable of charging a few electronic devices, can easily fit in the back of your car or truck. A larger trailer unit that can power multiple devices and home appliances can be towed behind your vehicle.

Portable photovoltaic power is incredibly useful for preppers and anyone concerned about an unpredictable future. And in the meantime, mobile solar units can come in handy for hunting, camping and travel adventures.

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