Use Mobile Solar to Get Ready for Tailgating Season Posted on 07 Oct 09:00

Solar TailgatingMobile solar can help you ramp up your tailgating game this year.

If you believe that a cooler full of beverages, burgers on the grill and a couple of folding chairs are all you really need for tailgating, you’re missing out. With portable solar, you can really power up your party. In fact, you may never want to leave the parking lot!

A Lightweight Mobile Solar System Can Charge Your Devices

Some families and groups of friends make tailgating an all-day event. If you set up hours before the game and keep the party going all day long, a source of free, convenient power can make a big difference in your comfort and enjoyment.

How long do you expect your tailgating parties to last? More than a couple of hours?

Your electronic devices may not have enough battery power to last, and chances are, you’re at least going to want your cell phone to stay charged. Plus, if you bring the kids along, they’ll want to use their game systems, tablets and smartphones.

A lightweight portable solar system can keep everyone’s electronic devices charged throughout the party. A variety of portable solar options is available, many of which can easily fit in any vehicle.

A Mobile Solar Trailer or Generator Can Give You More Power

Do you want to go beyond the tailgating basics and kick your party up another notch? How about camping out overnight, to get a great space in the lot? Consider a mobile solar trailer or generator.

With portable solar, your setup will be the envy of all of the other tailgaters.

Why? Because you’ll be able to power just about anything. Set up a flat-screen TV and tap into your home-based cable or satellite programming to catch the pre-game action. Hook up your laptop and live-stream your tailgate party. Bring your microwave for fresh, hot popcorn. Plug in a blender and treat your guests to smoothies and frozen beverages.

The sky’s the limit when you have a portable solar trailer or generator providing your electricity!

Other Benefits of Using Mobile Solar for Tailgating

Sure, you could run your electronics with a gas-powered generator. But if you’ve ever used one, you know how loud and smelly they are. You can forget about having a conversation with a generator running. A portable solar system, however, is extremely quiet. You won’t even know it’s running, which your tailgating neighbors certainly will appreciate.

And the entire parking lot will be happy to skip the gas fumes and generator exhaust!

Portable solar will keep your tailgate party comfortable too. No more piling on the blankets when the temperature drops — just plug in a heater or two and everyone will stay toasty warm. And when it gets dark, you can let your festive lights shine!

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