Use Mobile Solar to Power Up Your Next Camping Trip Posted on 11 Jul 09:00

Mobile Solar Technology

Did you know that mobile solar technology can turn an ordinary camping trip into a vacation of virtual comfort and convenience?

Harnessing the sun’s energy for electricity isn’t just about rooftop solar panels for your home. With mobile solar, you can use the sun’s free power on your family wilderness adventures.

Whether you’re headed for a week out in the woods, planning a trip to the desert or camping in the mountains, portable solar panels can give you the electricity you need to go from ordinary camping to “glamping” — glamour camping — in style.

Benefits of Camping with Mobile Solar

Having power on a camping trip used to require lugging around a generator and enough fuel for the entire trip.

That simply isn’t practical in some situations, as many generators aren’t all that portable. And who wants to have their peaceful surroundings disrupted by a loud, smelly generator? With mobile solar panels, you can camp anywhere you want and have a reliable and quiet source of power.

But for many people, camping is about roughing it and going without the comforts of home.

In fact, escaping from modern, everyday life is the goal. But is it really wise to be completely out of touch and out of reach? Portable solar can provide you with a means to power a cell phone or GPS, which can make a big difference in an emergency situation.

Choosing Mobile Solar Panels for Camping

Do you want to have power for just a few basic conveniences, such as a cell phone or a few lights? Or would you rather have a glamping experience, with all the convenience and amenities of home?

With mobile solar panels, it’s your choice. You can get a system sized to provide any amount of electricity you need. You can link multiple modules together to provide even more power.

Many portable photovoltaic panels can be folded up and easily transported, though some high-powered units may be a bit heavy for carrying or moving long distances.

Consider both your typical camping locations and your power needs when selecting your portable solar panels.

Tips to Maximize Mobile Solar Output

To capture the most energy from the sun, make sure you face your solar panels toward the south. As the day goes on, you can easily make adjustments to keep your system aimed in the optimal direction. This also may be necessary if the panels become shaded during the day.

Also, make sure to place your panels where they won’t be damaged by falling branches or other debris.

Solar panels only produce energy when the sun is shining, so you may want to choose a mobile system that includes a battery backup feature to store electricity for use at night. If you do, try to keep the battery out of the sun, as this can lower its efficiency and life span.

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