Use Portable Solar Power for Your Outdoor Winter Adventures Posted on 30 Nov 08:00

Portable solar devices can make your winter activities safer and more comfortable.

portable solar kit

If you are the type of person who doesn’t let cold and snowy weather stop you from enjoying the great outdoors, make mobile solar a part of your winter adventures.

Bring a Portable Solar Recharger Along When You’re Snowmobiling

Maybe you’re headed outside for some off-road snowmobiling this winter. Or maybe you’ve joined a snowmobile adventure tour at a winter sports resort. Regardless, you’ve got your cell phone in your pocket just in case of an emergency.

But what if your cell phone dies? You won’t find an electrical outlet in the snowy wilderness. If you have a mobile solar recharger on hand, though, you’ll have a source of emergency power for your phone.

A portable solar recharger can carry a single charge or multiple charges for a cell phone, depending on the model. Keep one in your pocket when you’re out snowmobiling and you’ll feel safer knowing you’ll be able to call for help in an emergency.

Cross-Country Skiing or Snowshoeing? Carry a Portable Solar Backpack

If you’re cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, chances are you’re carrying a backpack. For safety, survival and comfort in the event you become stranded, you’ve got first-aid supplies, extra clothing, a fire starter kit, an emergency shelter, food, water and other basic gear.

If you carry these supplies in a mobile solar backpack, you have a ready and reliable power supply for your portable electronics, such as your cell phone, GPS and headlamp.

Using a mobile solar backpack provides an extra layer of safety when you’re exploring the snowy outdoors. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your electronic devices will always be ready when you need them.

Use a Portable Solar Kit to Power Your Ice Fishing Shelter

Do you like to go ice fishing? Whether you have a tent or an ice shack, you know it can get pretty cold out there. Plus, you need light, and it’s always a good idea to have a power source for your radio or cell phone, in case of an emergency.

Instead of relying on battery power or using a noisy generator that could scare away the fish, get a portable solar kit. Everything you need is included. Mobile kits contain both a photovoltaic panel and a battery pack to store energy for later use.

You can place a mobile solar kit anywhere, angling it to capture the maximum amount of the sun’s energy. And you can use the electricity it provides to power a small heater and lights for your ice fishing shelter and to charge up your mobile electronic devices.

Stay safe and comfortable during your outdoor adventures this winter with mobile solar power. Visit the Solar GOODS DIY superstore today to check out all of our portable solar options.