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SnapNrack Metal Roof Seam Clamp & L-Foot Assembly

$ 8.26

SnapNrack Standard Base Seam Clamp and L Foot, SKU: 242-05150

The SnapNrack Series 500 Metal Roof Seam Clamp is a cost-optimized PV Mounting System for residential metal roof mount installations.  The system was designed to allow the attachment of PV modules or PV mounting rails directly to a standing seam metal roof without penetrating the metal or collapsing the ridge in the metal roof material. The design is simple and low cost, but very effective.

The clamp is made from high tensile strength aluminum and has two models that will work with multiple metal roof designs including single and double rolled seams or similar designs. This allows a completely engineered system that is simple, robust, and efficient with the lowest possible total installed cost.

  • Made from 6005 extruded aluminum
  • Utilizes a single bolt to secure the clamp
  • Cam design applies pressure evenly on seam
  • Clamps use 5/16” -18 bolt for clamping and mounting
  • Attaches to the roof seam without penetrations
  • 10 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty
  • Tested on numerous roofing materials

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